West Bank: Israeli forces arrest 11 terrorism suspects - Maccabee Task Force

Several clashes broke out between rioters and Israeli forces.

Israeli forces arrested 11 wanted people across the West Bank overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Shin Bet internal security service and Border Police carried out an anti-terrorism operation in the village of Bruqin in the area of the Menashe regional division, resulting in the arrests of four wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities.

During the operation, a bomb was thrown and shots were fired at the forces who returned fire.

Meanwhile, as part of efforts to locate the third terrorist who took part in last Sunday’s shooting of a bus carrying soldiers in the West Bank, the IDF operated in the village of Jiftlik in the area of ​​the Bekaa and Emekim regional division, and two other people were apprehended.

In the village of Bidou, the Qalandiya refugee camp and in the city of Ramallah, three other wanted people were arrested.

In addition, during a raid carried out in the Jilzon refugee camp, the IDF forces seized a booty of approximately $585 intended for terrorist activities.

The forces also operated in the villages of Sawahra and Abu Dis in the Etzion regional division area and arrested two other wanted persons. During the operation, clashes broke out in which stones, explosives and fireworks were fired at the security forces.

The wanted persons arrested were transferred for further investigation by the security forces.

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