The UN’s Intolerance of Truth - Maccabee Task Force

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Chaim Herzog, once noted this about the organization’s Alice In Wonderland perspective on Israel: “In the UN building … she would only have to wear a Star of David in order to hear the imperious ‘Off with her head’ at every turn.”

This is the same organization that helped give birth to Israel by approving the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state. Sadly, that was one of the UN’s few positive actions regarding the Jewish homeland.

Over the years, the UN has become a forum for Israel bashing, with resolutions adopted year after year condemning Israel for a multitude of alleged sins, while ignoring the threats and terrorist attacks directed against it. President Obama’s UN ambassador, Susan Rice, described Israel’s treatment as “obsessive, ugly, bad for the United Nations and bad for peace.”

According to UN Watch, since 2012, the UN General Assembly has voted on 180 resolutions related to Israel, and only 45 related to the rest of the world. The only reason the statistics aren’t similar in the Security Council is because of the United States veto. However, America has used that power only 37 times, and supported the Council’s criticism of Israel by its vote of support or abstaining roughly two-thirds of the time.

It is not enough that the General Assembly has an automatic majority to pillory Israel at the behest of any member; the UN set up a series of bodies that exist only to demonize Israel, such as the Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

The UN’s Human Rights Council is not supposed to focus on Israel, but that is what it does.

Since 2006, Israel has been condemned there 95 times, followed by Syria (37) and Myanmar (26). No resolutions criticized human rights in Turkey, Cuba, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or China.

The UN is the principal international forum for disseminating lies about the Jews and Israel.

And what happens on the rare occasion that an employee of one of the UN agencies dedicated to the demonization of Israel dares to speak the truth?

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