Thank you! - Maccabee Task Force

This Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for you, one of our most trusted supporters. We are thankful for your commitment to helping the Jewish state of Israel, to helping the college students who fight to defend her every day, and to helping the Maccabee Task Force.

Without our work, most college students would lack the strategies and resources they need to fight back against increasingly aggressive anti-Israel campaigns on their campuses. Without us, those seeking to demonize Israel would dominate campus politics, spreading more anti-Israel lies and passing more anti-Israel resolutions.

But because of your support, we’re able to provide our students with cutting-edge strategies that work. And, even more importantly, we’re able to give them the funds to pay for these often-expensive strategies.

On over 100 college campuses in the U.S., and abroad, our campus Maccabees are standing up to the haters and changing the campus conversation around Israel. They are inspired, strong and, thanks to you, they are well-equipped. The Maccabee spirit lives strong!

These successes would be impossible without you. As a member of the Maccabee Task Force you are truly making a difference for Israel, and you should be proud. Thank you.

On behalf of the Maccabee Task Force team, I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!

David Brog
Executive Director