Students react to antisemitic note left inside Brown RISD Hillel - Maccabee Task Force

A threatening, antisemitic note left inside the Brown RISD Hillel is causing fear and concern on Brown University’s campus.

Students told NBC 10 News they are disgusted and horrified. They said this kind of anti-Jewish sentiment has been going on for years both on-campus and elsewhere, but the recent comments of famous rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, have only added fuel to the fire.

“It’s really scary that it’s happening on my own college campus” said Rachel Blumenstein, a Brown University junior.

The Brown University Hillel Center brands itself as a safe space for members of the Jewish community. “I go every single week for Shabbat dinner,” Blumenstein added.

But things took a turn over the weekend when a public safety officer found an antisemitic note in the center’s reception area.

Students at Brown said this kind of rhetoric isn’t new.

“If you look back into, ancient history, European history, Spanish Inquisition, stuff like that people have been targeting the Jews for a while,” Blumenstein said. “It’s really scary, especially happening right after the Kanye stuff happened”

She is referring to a series of antisemitic comments and tweets made by rapper Ye.

“Going on Twitter and, and making this very, very publicly known to his followers and to the general, online community definitely stirred up this controversy,” Brown University freshman Daniel Solomon said.

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