Mossad Appoints First-Ever Woman as Director of Intelligence Authority - Maccabee Task Force
There are currently four women serving in the agency’s senior command, known as the Forum of Branch Heads.

 For the first time in history, women are occupying some of the most senior roles in Israel’s Mossad, the intelligence agency announced on Thursday.

“A,” who has served in the Mossad for 20 years, recently assumed the post of director of the Intelligence Authority, the first-ever woman to hold the position, according to the statement released by the agency.

As director, she is responsible for formulating Israel’s strategic intelligence picture on a variety of issues, including Iran’s nuclear program, global terrorism and normalization with the Arab world.

“A” is also responsible for gathering intelligence for all Mossad operations, and managing hundreds of employees that collect and analyze information.

Meanwhile, the Mossad revealed that another woman, “K,” is currently serving as the head of the agency’s Iran Desk, which the statement said is the “chief concern of the organization” at present.