Israeli forces thwart weapons smuggling attempt - Maccabee Task Force

Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police confiscate 25 guns near the border fence in the Jordan Valley.

Israeli forces on Monday foiled a weapons smuggling attempt near the border fence in the Jordan Valley, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The IDF and Israel Police identified a suspect and began a chase. The suspect was caught and 25 guns were confiscated.

Another person was arrested on suspicion of aiding the smuggling attempt.

The two suspects and the weapons were transferred to the Israel Police for further investigation.

In August, the Israeli military announced increasing success in thwarting weapons smuggling attempts at the Jordanian and Egyptian borders this year — in the first six months of 2022, nearly 300 illegal weapons and more than 4,400 pounds of drugs were confiscated.

Brigadier General Meir Biderman, head of the Jordan Valley Brigade, said at the time that Israeli forces were “enjoying major success in our battle against weapons smuggling attempts.”

Israel is also active at the Lebanon border, earlier this month foiling an attempt to smuggle drugs and ammunition from the northern neighbor. Israeli soldiers of the 769th Regional Brigade arrested a suspect who possessed two guns and 66 pounds of drugs worth over $226,000.

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