Israel, US to launch dialogue on technological cooperation - Maccabee Task Force

It will put Israel ‘on a prestigious and limited list of countries that the US considers strategic partners.’

An Israeli delegation led by Israel’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Orit Farkash-Hacohen headed to Washington for the launch of the high-level strategic dialogue on technological cooperation, the minister’s office said on Tuesday.

The event, which will be held on Wednesday, “will put Israel on a prestigious and limited list of countries that the US considers strategic partners in the field,” according to an official statement.

“As part of the “Jerusalem Declaration” signed between Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and US President Joe Biden, it was agreed to promote a dialogue on strategic technologies in order to bring relations between Israel and the US to a new peak and create a partnership in critical and damaging technologies (such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing) as well as, in areas that are a source of global concern: preparedness for epidemics, climate change, food security, etc.,” the statement said.

During Biden’s trip to Israel in July, a joint statement by the US leader and Lapid dubbed the “Jerusalem Declaration” affirmed Washington’s support in extending its defense package to Jerusalem as well as strengthening technological cooperation. The goal of the upcoming meeting is to reach agreements and develop mechanisms “that will enable the upgrading of technological cooperation between the countries in the near term.”

The Israeli delegation includes the National Security Adviser and head of the National Security Council Dr. Eil Hulta and senior officials from the Foreign Ministry, Health Ministry, Defense Ministry, Energy Ministry, Finance Ministry and several others. The meeting will be held in the presence of Israel’s ambassador to the US Mike Herzog, US Deputy Health Secretary Andrea Palm, US Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk and senior officials of the White House Science Office.

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