Israel to treat 20 seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers - Maccabee Task Force

Israel to ‘receive for treatment 20 Ukrainian servicemen seriously wounded during the war.’

Israel is to treat 20 Ukrainian soldiers wounded in the conflict with Russian forces, the Israeli ambassador to Kyiv announced Sunday.

“Israel will receive for treatment 20 Ukrainian servicemen who were seriously wounded during the war,” envoy Michael Brodsky wrote on Twitter. The first two patients will arrive on Sunday for treatment at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, he added.

A spokeswoman for the Ukrainian embassy in Tel Aviv said she expected the first patients to arrive “soon.” They will be treated with prosthetics and rehabilitation.

Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital, ran a field hospital in western Ukraine for six weeks following the Russian invasion on February 24.

Israel declined to supply weaponry to Ukrainian forces, opting instead to send protective gear, such as helmets, as it attempts to maintain relations with Moscow.

Israelis also have close ties to the former Soviet Union, where a tenth of the population has roots.

Russians accounted for nearly half of Jewish immigrants to Israel over the past year, according to the immigration ministry, while a quarter hailed from Ukraine.

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