Israel shows support for Iranian women amid protests - Maccabee Task Force

In Foreign Ministry video, Israelis declare their love for Iranian women: ‘Israel loves you’

The wind of revolt blowing over Iran since mid-September resonated in Israel, which is considered “the enemy” by the regime in Tehran.

Israelis, like the rest of the world, watched videos of Iranian women burning their headscarves and cutting off a lock of hair to pay homage to Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old young woman who died on September 13 for having worn her hijab incorrectly.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry fully understood the stakes of the events unfolding, releasing a press release last week in which it claimed to be closely following “the protests of the courageous Iranians who rise up against the violent regime of the Ayatollahs.”

Taking it a step further, the ministry released a video on social media on Tuesday evening titled “Israeli woman stand with Iranian woman,” where Israeli women of all ages and from all social backgrounds showed their support for their “Iranian sisters.”

“We support Iranian women,” “Israel loves you,” “The women of Israel will always be by your side,” “You will always be remembered, Mahsa,” “All women deserve to live free,” “You are in our hearts.”

The message could not be clearer: provide moral support to the demonstrators, some of whom would welcome a rapprochement with the Jewish state. The video was welcomed by Iranian demonstrators, who were dubbed “soldiers of Israel” by their critics.

After all, Jerusalem was a strong ally of Tehran until 1979 and the Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini. In 1950, Iran was even the second state with a Muslim majority, after Turkey, to recognize the existence of Israel, then considered its best non-Muslim friend.

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