Israel Busts Network of Seven Hamas Operatives Allegedly Planning Terror Bombing Attacks - Maccabee Task Force

Israel’s Shin Bet agency disclosed Monday that it had apprehended a Hamas terrorist network that was planning deadly shooting and bombing attacks against Israeli targets.

A group of seven terror suspects was arrested in the West Bank near the cities of Nablus and Hebron this month, according to Israel’s security agency. The findings of the investigation revealed that the suspects were recruited by the Hamas terror organization via social media networks with the help of Yahya Amer Muhammad Abu Saifan, a Gaza Strip resident and a member of Hamas’ military wing.

Abu Saifan is in charge of recruiting young Palestinians to carry out terror attacks, and inciting on social media, according to the Shin Bet.

The seven Hamas militants were allegedly trained by 26-year-old Abu Saifan from Gaza and received guidance on how to manufacture explosives and carry out terror attacks. The Hamas operatives received funds to purchase materials and weapons to practice shooting and produce improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as part of their preparations to carry out shooting and bombing attacks, the Shin Bet interrogation revealed.

The security agency said that during the joint operation with the IDF and the Israeli police, weapons and materials and tools for making explosives intended for use in a number of terrorist attacks were seized.

Most of the arrested suspects were indicted by the Israeli military court on charges of serious security violations. Other suspects are expected to be indicted as well.

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