Israel: Actress Gal Gadot visits children in Gaza border town - Maccabee Task Force

Gal Gadot on Wednesday paid a visit to the town of Netiv HaAsara in southern Israel, the closest town to Gaza and on the front line during recent clashes between the Israeli military and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The internationally acclaimed actress was caught on camera meeting some local kids who were thrilled to meet the “Wonder Woman” star.

Gadot, who has been working in London on two new film projects for much of the year, was also among those who didn’t escape missile fire from the Palestinian extremist group.

She was photographed on August 7 in a missile shelter on Rothschild Boulevard in the coastal city of Tel Aviv where she took refuge with her children after a rocket alert.

The actress, who regularly takes a position in favor of Israel’s army, was this time the subject of criticism on Israeli social networks for not speaking publicly about the Islamic Jihad strikes.

During Israel’s Operation “Breaking Dawn” from August 5-8, 49 Palestinians died, including the Islamic Jihad’s top two commanders and 10 other fighters, before an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire took effect.

Islamic Jihad militants fired some 1,100 rockets at Israel, but no one on the Israeli side was killed or seriously wounded.

It was the deadliest exchange of fire since last year’s war between Israel and Hamas, the ruling group of the Palestinian enclave for the past 15 years – which did not join the Islamic Jihad in the latest conflict.

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