George Washington University Investigating Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter: Report - Maccabee Task Force

George Washington University (GW) is investigating its Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter, according to, a pro-Palestinian nonprofit.

According to the nonprofit an inquiry of the group’s conduct began after its members, as well as those from Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), protested a GW Hillel event featuring former Israeli intelligence official Doron Tenne on October 11.

“GW Hillel, you have blood on your hands,” said signs they made for the demonstration, The GW Hatchet, a campus newspaper, previously reported. “Occupation no more,” said another.

Accusing Tenne of “mass slaughter,” SJP said later on Instagram that it “proudly” stands by the demonstration.

“And every word that was said during it,” the group continued. “For inviting a war criminal, for platforming a man who administered ethnic cleansing, for continuing to support a genocidal ideology, we say again, you have blood on your hands. Long live the Intifada.”

SJP has secured legal counsel from Palestine Legal in an effort to ward off any possible disciplinary measures that may result from George Washington University’s investigation. Palestine Legal previously accused the university of mistreating Palestinian students in 2021 over its suspending several “trauma support ” programs during Israel’s war with Hamas.

“SJP followed all the rules around postering and directed their members and allies to do the same. But GW is selectively targeting this group for punishment, when there is zero evidence of any wrongdoing,” attorney Dylan Saba, a member of Palestine Legal, said on the group’s behalf on Tuesday. “This looks like racist, anti-Palestinian profiling and the law does not support it.”

Anti-Zionism is becoming one of the “core elements of collegiate life” in America, according to the Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism’s annual report on anti-Israel activism on college campuses. In response to its findings, the group is expanding online resources for reporting antisemitism and supporting its victims.

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