Bedouin teens develop Moovit-like app for school kids in Negev villages - Maccabee Task Force

Over a dozen youths complete five-week tech program for Bedouin community, backed by MIT, Ben-Gurion University.

A “Bedouin Moovit” bus app, a nanodevice for tracking plant health, and a smart bracelet that helps those with vision impairments avoid obstacles were among the final projects developed this summer by a group of Bedouin teenagers in the Negev region as part of a new tech training program specifically for Bedouin youth.

Over a dozen Bedouin teens were selected for the five-week boot camp, dubbed “Digital Tent,” a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and Siraj, a non-profit organization dedicated to integrating members of the Bedouin community into Israel’s celebrated high-tech sector with its coveted high salaries.

The local tech industry is made up mostly of secular, Jewish men who served in the Israeli army, while women and members of ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities are severely under-represented. Israel’s Bedouin population numbers around 200,000 and is part of Israel’s Arab minority, itself about 20% of the whole population, but just around 3.5% of the tech workforce.

A minority within a minority, Bedouin communities are among the most disadvantaged groups in the country, and suffer from a chronic lack of infrastructure like water systems, electricity grids, and roads, have inadequate access to quality education and healthcare, and often rank low on socio-economic scales among Israeli localities. Most live in the Negev area in a mix of towns and villages, some of them unrecognized by the state. A scathing State Comptroller report released last year said Bedouin communities in the south live with a shocking lack of services and governance and blamed the state, in part.

Siraj (“a source of light” in Arabic) was founded in 2017 by Israeli entrepreneurs and academics to expose Bedouin teens and youths to advanced technologies and spark their interest in fields like programming and software development. The organization has since launched Siraj Technologies, a sister company that offers solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) space and provides job opportunities to Bedouin university graduates.

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