Alert - Jew Hatred on Campus - Maccabee Task Force

School has just begun and the Maccabee Task Force is hard at work fighting anti-Israel, antisemitic hatred on campus. Read the top headlines where we’re pushing back!

University of Wisconsin Madison

Anti-Israel hatred chalked across campus

On students’ FIRST DAY back to school, anti-Zionist, antisemitic chalking was discovered all over campus. Jewish students walking to their classes were presented with antisemitic statements and blood libel tropes including: “Zionism is racism,” “Zionism is genocide,” and “They have blood on their hands,” pointing to a list of all the pro-Israel and Jewish groups on campus.

How is MTF supporting this campus?

MTF Midwest Director Enrico Ravenna is in direct communication with our campus partners. We’re providing training to build their pro-Israel base, and to help push back against hatred. The University has released a statement condemning the chalking. A Maccabee on campus has filed a bias incident support. SJP continues to get stronger on this campus, using social media to put out statements in support of the messages that were chalked. MTF will continue to support our partners and students on this campus.

Case Western Reserve University

BDS presented to Student Government

A BDS proposal was presented at Case Western University. This is not Case Western’s first encounter with BDS. Last year a resolution was also presented before student government and ultimately tabled.

How is MTF supporting this campus? 

MTF is proud to stand with our students and partners at Case Western in this fight against BDS. For the last year we’ve financially and strategically supported students to help them build strong coalitions with the most influential student voices and leaders on campus. An MTF Fact Finder trip participant who is a part of student government is currently leading efforts to rally other student government leaders to vote NO on boycotting Israel. MTF Upstate Regional Director Omri Einav is also coordinating with our campus partners to help them develop a strategy to fight back against this antisemitic hatred. We will keep you informed on the situation.

Queens College

Daily Antisemitic harassment being shouted at students

A man stationed outside the campus gates of Queens College with a megaphone spent the first few weeks of classes shouting antisemitic slurs at students passing by and ranting with hate about “Jewish professors” on campus. He was recently arrested, and the NYPD is monitoring the situation. The President of Queens College has released a statement condemning his actions.

How is MTF supporting this campus? 

MTF Northeast Regional Director Sylvia Coopersmith is working with our campus partners to ensure students have the resources they need to feel safe and empowered to continue expressing their Jewish identity on campus. Last night the campus pro-Israel community held an event to discuss the situation and prepare next steps, and MTF Fact Finder trip participants and coalition building interns we support are working on a community-wide response.