Support Israel Today! - MTF - Maccabee Task Force


It’s only because of the generosity of friends like you that the Maccabee Task Force is able to empower our partners to win the battle for Israel on campus. 

Today you have the opportunity to help us make a game-changing investment on 21 college campuses.

We’re currently working to empower each of these campuses to bring their 20 most influential student leaders to Israel this month. If we’re successful, we’ll be able to bring as many as 420 student leaders to Israel. Many of these student leaders are hostile to Israel and sympathetic to anti-Israel efforts and resolutions. But with very rare exceptions, seeing the truth about Israel for themselves changes them into friends and allies.

The cost of sending a student leader to Israel is $4,000. Sending 420 leaders is a whopping $1.7 million dollars. Can you help us make these trips happen, friend?

Please don’t wait — donate today to help us meet our goal of $50,000 to enable us to maximize the number of student leaders we bring to Israel in December.

One of our students recently shared this with us following their Fact Finder Trip:

“There are about twenty students who dominate politics on my campus. And many of them supported BDS. We tried reaching out to them and inviting them to events, but they never came. Then the Maccabee Task Force offered us the opportunity to bring them on a trip to Israel. Many of them accepted the offer, and by the time we returned, not one of these students still supported BDS. And many of them have become regular members of our pro-Israel community. Thank you Maccabee Task Force!

Thank you friend, we couldn’t do it without you.


David Brog
Executive Director