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Newly elected VP of Rutgers-Newark student government foments Antisemitic content online

April 17, 2020
Newly elected VP of Rutgers-Newark SG shares Antisemitic content online

A Palestinian student who was elected this month as vice president of the student government at the Newark campus of Rutgers University has a history of posting anti-Israel and Antisemitic content on social media.

Carolyn Assaf, a pre-med student, once posted a since-deleted 15-second cartoon video on Instagram of what appears to be an Israeli soldier with a long nose, exemplifying a Jewish stereotype, preventing what appears to be a Palestinian Muslim woman from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City. In the full video, the woman curses the soldier as “son of a Jewess.”

Assaf retweeted a March 2015 post that read, “I stand for Gaza, I stand for Palestine. I stand against oppression. End the media blackout.”

Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a U.S.-designated terrorist group, and has had ongoing issues with the Palestinian Authority, which runs Palestinian areas in the West Bank and parts of Jeruslaem.

The following May, she tweeted, “Our stones and rocks are more powerful and stronger than their weapons!”

The following August, Assaf posted in Arabic, “I will not give up, I will not give in, and my country is yours. No, I bargain #Palestine #Jerusalem #Nablus #The right to my weapon #Palestinian #Caroline_Assaf.” The words accompanied a post of a little boy with what appears to be an automatic firearm with the caption “The right is my weapon and I will resist. Over my wounds I will resist.”

The following November, she posted also in Arabic, “I am an olive, a story about a nation, a people, and freedom ~ Revolutionary as the female revolution.” The words were in reference to a picture of a female Palestinian fighter holding what appears to be an automatic weapon and includes the caption “Revolt (for a woman), you are the revolution.”

Assaf retweeted a post from Feb. 2016 that, translated from Arabic, reads, “The effects of the confrontations that broke out between the youth and the occupation tonight in #Qalandia camp, which left a martyr and more than 10 injuries.”

At the time, Israeli Army and Border Police troops entered the refugee camp to put down a riot after Israeli soldiers apparently entered it by accident the previous night.

In June 2017, Assaf was selected as a delegate to represent Passaic County Vocational Technology School District and the State of New Jersey at the annual prestigious Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston.

Both Rutgers-Newark and its student government did not respond to repeated requests for comment on Assaf’s anti-Israel activity on social media.

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