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Macron decries evil of anti-Semitism, reaffirms France’s Jewish soul, rips BDS

February 22, 2019
Written by The Jewish Star

French President Emmanuel Macron, addressing an assembly of French Jewish leaders on Wednesday, condemned the plague of anti-Semitism sweeping Europe: “There is something worse than an evil soul. It is a soul that has become accustomed to evil,” he said. “We will not get accustomed to it. … We have to stand against the evil. We need to be courageous.”

“Anti-Semitism is not a problem for Jews, it is a problem for the Republic. And those who think that anti-Semittism concerns only some … should not forget our common history. Anti-Semitism is just hatred for the other. [This is an] avant garde hatred which takes along all the other hatreds” — of “Muslims, races, anti-LGBT, against … the parliament, the churches, all the religions.”

Macron continued: “For centuries and centuries great Jews, commentators of the sacred texts, have lived in France [and are] known all over the world.” He listed many names, and spoke about the Jewish part of the French soul: “Look at our history — all of it. Jews came from all over the world to our country and fought for it and turned it into a universal culture.”

He also said that BDS would not be accepted.

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