Iranian kidnapping of Israeli tourists said thwarted in Turkey last month - Maccabee Task Force

Israeli and Turkish security agencies last month uncovered an Iranian plot to kidnap Israeli tourists in Turkey and foiled it in the nick of time, according to Hebrew media reports Sunday.

Israeli security officials tipped off their Turkish counterparts about the plan and asked that they take action to thwart the attack, according to the reports.

The reports, citing unnamed senior Israeli sources, did not specify what nationality the alleged Iranian agents were, how many were involved, or if any arrests were made.

After preventing the kidnapping, Israel asked Turkey to act against the Iranian network that planned it, the Kan public broadcaster reported.

Israeli diplomatic missions have been on alert, expecting Iran to seek revenge for the assassination last month of a senior officer in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. However, Kan reported that the attempted kidnapping happened before the officer’s killing.

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