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Facing Our New Goliath

September 3, 2020
Written by Marvel Joseph

Facing Our New Goliath

It has been five months since most US campuses shut down and went virtual. Zoom has quickly taken over our lives and, much like Google, has become a verb we use in our daily conversations. Then the summer came, and the focus of the nation switched to the protests that have taken over the streets in so many of our cities.

Yet amidst all the change, we at the Maccabee Task Force continue to see one constant: anti-Semitism. In addition to the typical attacks, many are now expressing hatred towards Jews by way of Zoom bombings, targeting Israel during protests for racial justice, and even blaming the IDF for the killing of unarmed civilians by police officers in the United States.

With the change in our world, we must change our approach. As social justice issues come to the forefront, we have to move fast to ensure that these efforts won’t be hijacked by haters. We need to show up for our friends while insisting on telling the truth about Israel and anti-Semitism. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We, the pro-Israel community, are reaching out to our friends and allies in other communities to highlight the similarities between racism and anti-Semitism — and how both can be overcome. We’re reaching out to new allies in the black community and beyond to highlight the similarities between racism and anti-Semitism — and how both can be overcome. Through online fellowships, seminars, and even virtual tours of Israel, we’re equipping our traditional partners with the means to be heard in this new environment.  And we’re investing more than ever in training our pro-Israel activists and equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need.

This is a crucial time for us. We need to be active, innovative, and vigilant. As the new academic year begins, we are off to a promising start.

Marvel Joseph
Coalitions Coordinator, Maccabee Task Force