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The Denial of Antisemitism – from Campus to Colleyville

February 4, 2022
MTF February Monthly Update The Denial of Antisemitism - From Campus to Colleyville

As the Campus Director of the Northeast region for Maccabee Task Force I engage daily with students and pro-Israel professionals on campuses across the Northeast. Too often I hear from them how Antisemitism is trivialized on campus by fellow students and their professors. And for the last few years, what starts as simply outlier attitudes on campus are often becoming reflected by the general public. In fact, we just saw this happen on Saturday, January 15th, 2022.

On that Saturday an armed man walked into Beth Israel Synagogue and took the praying congregation inside hostage. He demanded the release of a known terrorist imprisoned for an attempted attack on American troops.

How have people responded? They’re claiming it WASN’T Antisemitism.

Despite the fact that the attacker clearly believed in Antisemitic tropes, (e.g. that Jews control the world and had the power to bring about the release of his relative), there are still those who claim the attack was NOT Antisemitic.

For example, a concerning comment initially made by the FBI (which was later retracted) about the hostage situation was that it “was not related to the Jewish community.” How could a law enforcement agency in charge of ensuring our safety be so blind to the hate that leads to such attacks?

Sadly, this dismissal of Antisemitism occurs often on campus as well, and what starts on campuses too often evolves into national issues. We see countless examples where Antisemitic remarks like “globalize the intifada” are being chanted on campus squares and professors are teaching that Zionists are like the Nazis. Last semester, a student at USC who was serving as a “diversity, equity and inclusion” student government senator even tweeted “I want to kill every motherf***ing Zionist.” These comments and teachings are dismissed as a “political opinion” rather than a call for violence against Jewish students.

One dismissal leads to the next…

Maccabee Task Force is determined to help students find their voices through action to ensure they cannot be dismissed. MTF has supported students in learning how to become better advocates for their cause, how to explain why new forms of Antisemitism are just as dangerous as others and to proudly, unapologetically hold campus events promoting Israel and the Jewish people.

Thank you for your support!

Dalia Zahger-Levy

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